A human Brain Project workshop organized by Robert Sachdev, Pieter Roelfsema, Guy Doron, Matthew Larkum, Alain Destexhe

Cortical function relies on feed-forward connections that propagate information from lower to higher brain regions and define the tuning of cortical neurons. The role of feedback connections, which are at least equally numerous as feed-forward connections, but propagate information in the opposite direction, from higher to lower brain regions, has remained largely enigmatic.  How and when these connections modulate feed-forward input, their role in perception, cognition, and learning are the focus of investigation in various sensory systems and in a variety of species, including human beings.  Here we bring together experimentalists, theoreticians and computational neuroscientists working on feed-forward and feedback processing in cortex to discuss unifying themes, alternative hypothesis and the way forward. 

Speakers: Andreas Burkhalter, Charles Gilbert, Anthony Holtmaat, Henry Kennedy, Masanori Murayama, Leopoldo Petreanu, B. Phillips, Clay Reid, Murray Sherman, Jianing Yu

Human Brain Project Speakers: Pieter Roelfsema, Matthew Larkum, Alain Destexhe, Shimon Ullman, Rainer Goebel, Wim Vanduffel, Christiaan Levelt, Lars Muckli, Javier DeFelipe, Huib Mansvelder, Sacha van Albada.

Due to a limited number of seats it is free however mandatory.




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